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Avui més que mai estem cridats a viure del cultiu de les nostres capacitats creatives innates, enlloc de fer-ho de l'explotació de persones i de la terra considerats com recursos. La com-plexitat del món actual és tan gran i canviant que les elits econòmiques i polítiques ja han mostrat que no la saben gestionar ni governar. Per a la supervivència i felicitat de la hu-manitat, cal doncs que la majoria de la gent cultivi la seva creativitat. No podem esperar que ningú ens ho doni fet.

Foreword by Josep Maria Basart

It is not easy – perhaps impossible – to speak of the world in general. Despite some instances of rapidly spreading globalization, the world continues to be, like it or not, diverse.

Still, there seems to be a shared sense that we live in uncertain and unstable times. We are confused in our day-to-day lives, unclear as to what kind of future to count on. Political life, the economy, ways of thinking, and laws have abandoned their traditional framework and moved to an inhospitable place that often lacks coherence, even rationality. We lack the capacity to agree on what to abandon, what to foster, what to preserve, all the while realizing that the continuance of human life as we know it is in danger. Nature is providing clear enough signs of the extent to which we have altered equilibriums and ecosystems.


We can thus say that we are in the very midst of a social, environmental and economic crisis of global reach. From now on, who can orient us? What authorities, if indeed there are any left, can we still trust? Which are to be the new short-term and mid-range goals, and how are we to reach them? Will we be capable of establishing paradigms, principles and actionable criteria that will also be humanizing, effective and acceptable to everyone?

You will learn

  1. to feel the creative freedom of reality
  2. to recognize creative capacities (CCs)
  3. to cultivate CCs as a source of effectiveness and happiness
  4. to identify allies and adversaries of the CCs
  5. about the current adversary: a society of imposition and exploitation
  6. how to distribute power in the entire social fabric
  7. that intelligence comes first, before knowledge
  8. to balance functional, value-based and liberating intelligence
  9. to shift toward creativity as a new way of life
  10. about the cultural mutation from Homo Sapiens to Homo Quaerens:
    the great challenge and new hope for humanity

The Author

When I was 8 years old, excited after reading a brief biography of Edison, I tried to invent, while going to school in the rain, something to keep me dry, until I realized it had already been invented:

it was the umbrella I carried, which was simple and effective

I did not invent anything, but I began to experience the pleasure of looking at things I used as creations, as answers to previous questions, which I tried to guess. I thus entered into the magic world of human creations. This fascinated and captivated me, even too much so. Initially holding a doctorate in atomic and nuclear physics, my professional career settled in the field of artificial intelligence, where I worked as a researcher for 30 years. But I was lacking a dialogue between scientific research and other research areas closer to humanities, for the purpose of engaging more deeply with questions pertaining to wisdom and human happiness. I tried to relate a central intuition in my life since I was young – the creative freedom of reality – with the needs of current society. Until I clearly saw this creative freedom as the true foundation of human life, which history has induced to blossom by necessity, for the sake of survival and societal happiness.